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Everyone loves music, so as a brand marketer, you want great tracks for your campaigns.

Buying music is complex and so most brands rely on their advertising agencies to handle it. However, few agencies truly understand how to broker licences with the music business – and marketers often don’t know the right questions to ask to ensure the best deals are secured. A common outcome is overpayment through poor agency procurement and avoidable legal risk through insufficient due diligence.

Resilient exists to relieve your brand of this pain

Our credo is Music Rights Without Fights - set out in a book by Resilient’s founder Richard Kirstein, the UK’s leading independent expert on buying music rights for brand marketing campaigns.

As an independent specialist consultancy, Resilient empowers brand marketers and their colleagues in marketing procurement to:

  • Understand how music rights work
  • Learn about key cost drivers and how to control them
  • Identify risk and how to reduce it
  • Improve your bargaining position
  • Secure smarter deals and sustainable relationships with rights owners

Whether you need music rights training, consultancy support or full project management, Resilient can help your brand take control of music rights buying for a better commercial outcome. We can help you license individual tracks, broker artist performance agreements or full artist partnership deals.

Resilient Music: Your expert guide to the music business

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