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music licensingLast month, January 16, I was invited to contribute a couple of articles on music procurement to Midem and Procurious.

Priority Status For Sync Licensing

The first was in response to the BPI report that the value of recorded music consumption increased 3.5% in 2015. While this is welcome news, the overall trend since the start of the millennium has been a steady decrease in global recorded revenues, down from US$26.6bn in 1999 to US$15bn in 2014.

In my article, 5 Tips for Sync Success in 2016 for Midem Blog, I explore the impact on this downward trend on sync licensing, elevating it to ‘priority’ status as a reliable and stable revenue stream for large catalogue owners. But also the disconnect we see between the music industry and brands and marketers.

I go on to explore 5 tips that can make negotiations between music publishers and the brands looking to license tracks, that much more transparent, streamlined and successful. If you work in the music industry this article is for you, read it here.

Life of Copyright

The sad news of David Bowie’s death, and that of Glenn Frey, Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, and most recently Joe Cocker, was the catalyst for an article on Life of Copyright. Many marketers are under the misconception that once an artist has died their work becomes freely available to use in brand campaigns. Not so.

In Eternal Flame for Procurious I looked at copyright protection and the various factors in play when negotiating music rights for work by deceased artists. These include, whether multiple artists created the music track in question; when the sound recording was first commercially released; and when the songwriter or composer died.

Find out more here, there is also a competition at the end of the article to win a copy of my book Music Rights Without Fights – it closes on Friday 5 Febuary at 5pm.

Review For Music Rights Without Fights

Finally, Spend Matters also featured my book Music Rights Without Fights with this book review. Pleased to hear that;

‘The subject matter makes this far more enjoyable than the vast majority of procurement-related books.’

If you would like to know more about Music Rights Without Fights, read the rest of the review here.


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