Complex Music Rights Can Be Difficult To Navigate!

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Understanding The

6 Essential Steps

To Smarter Music Buying

"An excellent seminar that I would recommend to anyone involved in procuring music. Richard gave a very helpful overview of the terminology & rights owners within the music sector and provided some practical examples of where things go awry and tips on how to get the best value in sourcing music."

Steve Waring, CFO, 101 London

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In Just 90 Minutes You'll Learn...

  • The Pros and Cons of using Bespoke Music, Production Library Music and Commercial Catalogue Music. Plus Who Needs Paying and Why?
  • How to Ensure You Use The Right Type of Music Licences for Your Project and What Factors Determine Licence Fees?
  • Key Strategies for Reducing Music-Related Cost and Risk and How to Manipulate Cost Drivers To Your Advantage.

In the music procurement world, the rights owners usually hold all the cards. But it doesn't need to be like that any longer. In this free workshop I'm going to share with you my most effective strategies for getting the best deals, without compromising on creativity.

  • How To Align Licence Terms With Media Schedules
  • How To Utilise Competitive Tendering
  • How To Future Proof Licences With Options

This workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes, allowing for a question and answer session - and I'll actually come to your offices to deliver it!

"This workshop was very engaging and gave an insightful understanding of the mechanics and variants of music licencing, delivered in a coherent and logical approach. Richard is obviously very experienced in this field and was very welcoming to any questions. I found value in attending this session and would highly recommend to anyone working for brands/agencies or the wider music sector."
Carl Young, Essentially Group

"The training was fascinating and highlighted just how incredibly intricate music licensing can be. Richard broke it down into digestible pieces and in the context of relevant case studies which made it easy to grasp. Absolutely worthwhile training, thank you."
Lucy Hamilton, Southpaw Agency

"An essential two hours for new and experienced producers alike. Richard provides helpful advice on the right and wrong ways to handle the process and structure successful deals."
Michael de Vries, Director of Production, Spark44

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