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At Resilient, we believe in transparency, which is why we have a policy of being open about the music buying process. The world of music rights maybe fragmented and complex but it can be made easier if you follow these simple tips:

Know the rights owners: with a better understanding of the music rights landscape, the parties involved and their different agendas, you can make informed decisions that enhance your music buying experience.

Start Early: in such a complex industry with multiple parties involved, 11th hour decisions strip you of any bargaining power and increase the chance of mistakes. Avoid spiralling costs and the potential for litigation by starting the music buying process early.

Know Your Exact Usage Requirements: adding on extras once your initial negotiations have taken place will quickly eat into any contingency in your budget. Go into music rights negotiations knowing exactly what your requirements are – and don’t move the goalposts!

Choose Wisely: we advocate competitive tendering. Why do all the running when you could make music rights owners come to you? Instead, ask them to pitch tracks to you based on your creative and commercial brief and negotiate from a position of strength.


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