5 Artists Who Are Long Overdue For A New Album


Some music artists seem to put out an album a year, while others keep us waiting for what feels like a decade between releases. No one can argue that the creative process is a complicated one, as are the lives and inner workings of the artists themselves. But here are five musical talents we’re long overdue an appearance from:

1. Pulp
Though they struggled early on, Pulp hit their stride in the mid-90’s with His n’ Hers in 1994, followed up the next year by Different Class. Their songs became a staple in movie soundtracks, with record sales eventually hitting 10 million. With bandmembers in frequent rotation, Pulp eventually took an extended hiatus in 2001, briefly reuniting in 2011 for a live performance tour. In 2013 they released a rerecording of the We Love Life demo track, but no full length album has been reported in the works.

2. Stone Roses
One of the pioneering groups of the Manchester music movement, their self-titled album of 1989 became a breakthrough success, with “I Wanna Be Adored” garnering worldwide radio play and praise. After a lengthy legal battle with their label and lackluster reviews following their second album, the group disbanded, reuniting in 2012 for a reunion tour. Rumors of a third album have floated around for awhile, with various sources confirming that half a dozen new tracks have been written and recorded.

3. Razorlight
Formed in 2002 by lead singer Johnny Borrell, Razorlight found success with their first album Up All Night, which was released in 2004 and reached number 3 in the UK album charts. The band achieved moderate success with three albums under their belt, but their last album was released in 2008. With band members always in flux, Borrell is the only remaining original band member. Because of this, Borrell pursued a solo album that was a commercial failure. While he says that they are working on a new material (but haven’t found the right label yet) many fans are skeptical if Razorlight will ever follow up their ho-hum Slipway Fires.

4. The Jesus and Mary Chain
Formed by brothers Jim and William Reid, the Jesus and Mary Chain has been heralded as one of the leaders in early alternative rock. Releasing a string of hit singles, albums, and EPs since the late 80’s, their debut album Psychocandy has been called one of the greatest albums of all time. The band officially split in 1999 after a falling out between bandmembers William Reid and Ben Lurie, which resulted in Reid walking offstage during their infamous performance at the Los Angeles House of Blues. The band reunited in 2007 for Coachella, and in 2015 Jim Reid announced that the group was recording their first studio album since 1998.

5. White Lies
The youngest of the bands listed here, White Lies blazed onto the scene in 2008 with a series of performances that not only won them numerous label offers but a worldwide fanbase. The White Lies became the first British band to achieve a number one album in 2009 with their debut release of To Lose My Life. Their sophomore album Ritual and 2013’s Big TV garnered further praise from critics and audiences, but the band has since gone quiet while recording their fourth studio album. With their sweeping, near-orchestral dancehall rock and unabashed romanticism that echoes earlier sentiments of The Cure, it’s no wonder we’re hungry for more.

Jessica Kane is a music connoisseur and an avid record collector. She currently writes for SoundStage Direct, her go-to place for all turntables and vinyl equipment, including VPI Turntables.