Sync Music A to Z: T is for Term

sync musicJust a quick post today continuing our Sync Music A to Z series. We’ve got to ‘T’ in the alphabet and that means talking about ‘Term’.

What Is Meant By ‘Term’?

The length of a licence is called the Term. In its simplest form it has a start and end date e.g. 1 year from 1st January 2014.

However, bought media schedules are rarely simple, so licence Terms often need to accommodate more complex burst-based activity e.g.

  • Three (3) non-consecutive six (6) week bursts within a seven (7) month window

Now, whilst a brand might think they deserve a low price for 18 weeks of media, the music rights owners will consider this a 30 week campaign with some gaps, so won’t be so flexible on price.

The learning for brands is this:

  • Before approaching music right owners, have absolute clarity in your media schedule as to the timing of each element of your campaign across the different media: bought, earned and owned.

If you have any questions about music rights and the complex field of sync licensing, leave a message below in the comments or get in touch with me directly